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Example rates

Cessna Citation Jet | 5 + 1 seats | Toilet on board

Maastricht - Berlin - Maastricht
€ 6.900
Return flight | Including repositioning costs
Rotterdam - Nice - Paris - Rotterdam
€ 9.950
Return flight | 1 day overnight on location
Amsterdam - Barcelona
€ 9.200
One way flight | Including repositioning costs
Rotterdam - Paris - Rotterdam
€ 5.800
Return flight on the same day
Rotterdam - Barcelona - Rotterdam
€ 10.845
Return flight | 1 day overnight on location

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We’ll only quote you all-in prices

When we give you a quote, it’s what we call ‘all-in.’
That means the price includes the hourly rate, estimated time in the air and all these other fees:

  • The crew – Depending on the size, most private jets will have two pilots, and occasionally a flight attendant. In addition to their salaries, meals and hotel expenses are included in the crew’s fees while they’re working.
  • Airport landing fees – Airports charge landing fees determined by the weight of an aircraft.
  • Handling fees – Aircraft handling companies or Fixed Base Operators (FBO’s) handle the ground management of an aircraft—fuelling up, waste sanitation, crew facilities, etc.
  • Catering and transportation – Our trip support team takes care of details like this after an agent makes your booking to ensure smooth and seamless handling of the other services you need to have a great flight, including gourmet catering and ground transportation.
  • Luxury Taxes – Some countries (like Italy) tax jet charter passengers according to distance traveled.
  • Ground, overnight and daily minimum fees. If a flight itinerary requires multiple days on the ground before returning to the airport you departed from, there may be overnight fees and/or daily minimums. 

However, in winter, if the weather turns and your aircraft requires de-icing before departure, additional de-icing fees will be billed to you after your trip.